What Happens If You Don’t Keep Leaves And Dirt Out Of Your Pool?

Do you want to keep your swimming pool in top condition all year long? Make sure there are no leaves and dirt piled inside – damage can be expensive.

Has your pool ever been covered in leaves, dirt and algae? That's unattractive and unhealthy. This can damage your pool from time to time. When this happens, it can be expensive, but is easily avoided.

You can have auto pool covers, that is perfect way to preserve leaves and dirt that trigger algal growth. To keep the leaves away from the pond, you need to clean and remove the leaves from the pool or pool cover at least twice a week.

Leaves on the surface of your pond will deteriorate and break into small pieces – this can provide the nutrients that algae need to grow. Dry leaves float on the water, but if left long enough, they will sink to the bottom and may take longer to be removed.

You need to clean the pond leaves and dirt regularly, on the surface of the pond and on the pool floor. The leaves can enter the pond when the wind blows – they blow from the ground around the pond or directly from the trees in your garden. Once they dissolve and become algae food, thin green growth can begin to conquer your pond.

Chlorine is an effective weapon against algal growth, but you have to maintain chlorine levels perfectly all the time. Only a drop of chlorine is needed in your pool water to allow algae to grow.

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