Weathering Steel or Corten Steel Sculpture Designs

Corten steel or more popularly known as Corten steel is a group of alloys that have been created to reduce, if not eliminate, the need for paint jobs and appearance of rust will form, as when exposed to different weather conditions during several years in time.

It is called "weathering steel" because of their chemical composition, this type of steel presents added resistance to atmospheric corrosion, unlike their counterpart's unalloyed steel.  If you are looking for amazing corten steel sculpture then you are at right place.

In addition to this steel, a protective layer is formed on its surface under the influence of all weather conditions.

Corten steel which makes a favorite in sculpture designs?

Within the group of carbon steel, and other steel steels react with oxygen to create an oxide in untreated surfaces.

Corten Sculpture

While in some steels to the normal carbon, the oxidation process can eventually lead to oxide conversion all the resulting steel further in structural collapse, it is a different case in designs sculpture Corten steel.

The additional alloying elements, particularly copper and chromium, are being added to produce steel-cut foster a very dense layer to take place on the surfaces exposed oxide.

This remarkable density inhibits any deeper penetration in the tissue corrosive metal efficient and effective manner.

Being dependent on the ambient atmospheric condition sculpture design weathering steel is exposed to a rich oxide layer oxide develops naturally without compromising the longevity of the work itself. This oxidation takes about 18 to 36 months to occur, and it is rather aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

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