What Are Hosted Predictive Dialer Services

A hosted predictive dialer service provides users with a high-performance automatic predictive dialer on a monthly rental basis. Create a dialer that is ready for use, supported and guaranteed by the service provider and then sent to the user is ready to use within a few hours.

A hosted predictive dialer can significantly improve the productivity of outbound contact center staff. AThe average actual agent 'talk time' when manually dialing is 12 minutes per hour, using a predictive dialer this increases to 44 minutes. This represents an increase of over 300% efficiency.

This equates to substantial cost savings for the size of the outbound call center and when you take into account an anticipated tripling of sales/leads/ debt recovery depends on the type of business due to the increased agent talk time you can see why predictive dialers are becoming so popular. You can click over here www.smartcombusiness.com/cloud-call-centre to get predictive dialler service for your business. 

A hosted predictive dialer service pays for itself very quickly, usually within the first month. Unlike traditional point-based dialer which requires significant capital expenditure, there is generally only a small one-off set up fee and then a cost-effective monthly service fee with no costly per agent software licenses required with most providers.

The only other cost to consider is the cost of the actual phone itself can be very competitive. In addition, you will find some providers provide all the training and unlimited telephone technical support as part of a predictive dialer package.