Something to Know More About the Fumigation

Fumigation is the most common method used for pest control and elimination. It involves the use of pesticides or pest retardants in the form of gas, referred to as a fumigant, pest poison in a residential area, the complex business space or the public that has been filled.

Fumigation is also used in agriculture or grains results to prevent infected soil or during the import and export of goods to get rid of insects, worms and other organisms may be transported from place to place. If you want to hire the fumigation service or company then you can check this link

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Fumigation Process

Fumigation process is usually done in stages. As a first step, the entire area that requires fumigation sealed or closed. Time, the area is fumigated, the chemicals are released in a confined space that may house, office, warehouse or storage complexes, cellar, container cargo ships, etc.

Chemicals used in fumigation

Until the Montreal Protocol, an international agreement signed in late 1980 to protect the ozone layer of the atmosphere of depletion, signed by the random use of many chemicals are widespread. Fumigants are widely used at the time was the Methyl Bromide; production and use is restricted then.