How To Buy Earrings If You Have Sensitive Ears?

If you're struggling to look good in your earrings without having to compromise with your ears' comfort then this guide is for you.

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Know your Earrings

Before buying a pair of earrings, make sure that you know about the type of metal it contains. For instance, if you're buying oxidized silver earrings as online then read about its specifications first: the type of metal used in its crafting, length, and weight of the earrings (heavy earrings might not be a good option for sensitive ears).

Go for nickel-free metals like Brass, Sterling silver, Copper, etc. Such metals are known as hypoallergenic metals i.e. they are less likely to cause an infection.

If you're not sure about the metal of the earrings then don't hesitate to ask around. If you're buying from an online jewelry store then touch base with its customer care to know about the earrings you want to buy.

Consider your skin tone

Now that you know which metal is best suited for you, it's time to pick a pair that will look the best on you. How to do that?

Well, taking your skin tone into account is one way to select the best pair of earrings for you. If you're not aware of your skin tone then here's how to determine it.

Take a good look at your wrists under natural lighting. If your veins have a purplish tone then you have a cold skin condition and if your veins look green then you have a hot skin condition. If your veins have a mixture of purple and green color then you own a neutral skin tone.