Stages Of Labor In Normal Delivery

You will find that the medical association uses a lot of jargon while you're in labor. We will try to clarify some of what you are likely to understand and what it means in this article.

There are three childbirth stages of labor, and you have to go through three stages to reach the final result i.e birth of a baby. The length and duration of these three steps may vary slightly for each woman.

normal delivery

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The first stage of labor is when you are actively having contractions and officially diagnosed as being in labor. This can last a few hours or 8-14 hours.

The first stage of work is divided into two phases. The latent phase is the first part of the first step. This is the slow, long-term part that everyone hates.

The active phase is the second part of the first stage of labor, which is after the distribution process occurs at a faster rate. Because the labor is more predictable at this stage and progression is constant, patients are usually admitted to the hospital once they reach this point.

The second stage of labor occurs when the cervix is maximally dilated (10 centimeters). This is usually when the mother is able to push. 

The third stage of labor begins after the baby is delivered until the placenta comes out. This stage can last up to 30 minutes.

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