Is Facebook Messenger Bot worth using?

Is Facebook Messenger Bot worth using? Yes, it is. Messenger Bot works with Facebook's Graph API and makes your FB Pages much more interactive.

What does Facebook Messenger Bot do? It's a nice tool that's designed to make your website stand out. It allows users to send messages directly to your Facebook Page, to enter your location to find you, or to search for the information they are looking for. With the integration of Facebook's Graph API, you can use the Messenger Bot to automate a great deal of tasks around the Facebook websites.

With Facebook's Graph API, you can embed graphs on your page to display where your visitors are coming from. What types of things will you display in your graph? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Facebook will automatically display the most relevant search results from its search feature on your page. No need to send out emails to send them to the appropriate place. All your users have to do is enter the search term to see what they're looking for.

Just like the search results, users can use the Messenger Bot to search for the information they're looking for. When people look for products, you'll be able to display the best deals for your product(s). No need to worry about the data getting lost as it automatically updates.

These bots interact with your Facebook Page. The "Apps" will notify users when they have new updates and how long each update will last. Users can then login and update themselves accordingly.

For users who don't want to add any additional applications to their Facebook profile, a Messenger Bot can be integrated with their profile. This allows the user to quickly do a search with their favorite site, get it'sapp, and see updates.

As an example, we are going to look at adding an App to our Facebook profile. After selecting the My Apps section, we'll be able to select Add App. A message box will open asking if we would like to add the Messenger Bot as a Friend.

If the user chooses to add the Messenger Bot, a welcome screen will appear informing the user that they have been added as a Friend. It will ask for the username, password, and location where the Bot is located. Once the user enters these details, they will be able to see a list of commands.

We will find it easy to add the Messenger Bot by using the My Bot name. Choose the icon that looks like a mouse, hit on it and give it a name such as Facebook Messenger Bot. Next, choose Friends, where we will enter our Facebook Messenger Bot name.

Finally, hit on "Add" and we're done! We can now log in, update our status, and see if our Bot has become a Friend.

With Facebook's Graph API, Facebook makes your pages much more interactive. There are many other great uses for Messenger Bots, and this one is just one of the ones available. If you haven't already signed up for a Facebook account, you should really take the time to do so now.

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