Internal Family Systems And Coaching

IFS is a non-pathological approach to various aspects of yourself, arising from the need to be alert and review every part of the client Richard worked with at the time.

He recognized the significance of each role or part of the early stages of life and the need to connect and validate them to transform one's attachments into adult behavior. Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy Workshops in Silicon Valley can also help people in various ways.

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This method involves meeting the "difficult" part of you with unconditional love, without the desire or program to change it. Often, the need for a "part" is simply an event in which it exists, is witnessed, and is associated with compassion.

Through dialogue with these parts, it turns out that the client will relax and certain characteristics will appear. Over time, Richard found them to be reproduced by all of his clients and called them "The 8 Cs of Self-Management."

Self-management and inner complexity

When we can be in the "Self" state, we find that features emerge that enable us to be compassionate and curious about our complex inner reality. The eight C's of self-help identified by Richard are:

  • Curiosity

  • Clam

  • Confidence

  • Compassion

  • Clarity

  • Creativity

  • Courage

  • Connectivity


By anchoring the client (and ourselves) in this state of “Self” (as opposed to being identified with or acting from a “part”), the relationship to whatever the trigger is for the part shifts dramatically. From this internal posture, a constructive relationship with the “part” becomes possible.

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