Great Reasons for Grid Tied Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel system can be connected to the main city or town energy grid. When solar panels collect energy from the sun and produce direct current, it is converted into alternating current which can then be fed to the main panel of your home or building by the professional solar panel installers at, and then electricity can be used.

1. Lower price

Installing a grid-connected solar panel system is a very inexpensive way to meet or even exceed the energy requirements of a commercial or residential building. 

2. Net measurement

Investments in the installation of grid-connected solar panels also enable grid measurement, in which energy suppliers credit their customers for the excess electricity generated by this customer's solar photovoltaic system.

3. Simple installment payments

Solar panel installations with grid connections are easy to purchase and even easier to maintain. Installation takes only a few days for most work, and annual maintenance is as complex as spraying the modules with a daily garden hose.

4. State and federal incentives

The grid-connected solar system offers state and federal governments financial benefits. The federal government proposes an income tax of 30% for use of the network system. 

In some states and utility companies, consumers can receive other financial benefits, such as Solar Renewable Energy Loans (SRECs) and the cost of production-based discounts.

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