Get A Glimpse Of The Pacific Coast Highway 1 On YouTube

Whether you live near the ocean in California or you live on the other side of the country in New York, chances are you've heard of the Pacific Coast Highway. Thousands of people from all around the country come out to California to do the iconic Pacific Coast Highway road trip. For the uninitiated, this road trip can range from just a handful of miles to hundreds of miles depending on just how far you want to go and how much you want to see. The Pacific Coast Highway stretches almost the entire length of California, which is over 600 miles in length.

Most people who make the trip out to California to see the ocean along Highway 1 do not drive the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway. On the other hand some, people who live in California and are already intending on driving from one end of the state to the other might decide to drive the entire length of the PCH as they make a road trip to the other side of the state. If you or your friends are considering doing this road trip you might want to check out the video Matt posted on TailHappy to get a sneak peek at what you will find along the coast of California driving on the Pacific Coast Highway.

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