First Aid at Work in Kent – What to Do in an Emergency

Do you know what to do at work in an emergency? Knowing first aid and CPR can really save lives one day. Adequate emergency first aid training at work in Kent for each employee is very important. The following are a few examples of how trained employees can help in an injury situation.


Many are eaten and drunk while working. There is a risk of suffocation during lunch and breakfast. Especially because we tend to rush with food at work. Suffocation victims can die within a few minutes, so it's important to act quickly. The correct answer is the Heimlich maneuver.

It is said to expel air from the victim's lungs and expel objects that are blocking the airways. First, make a fist, thumb up, place your thumb directly under the victim's rib cage, hold hands with the other hand and press briefly in and up to the victim's abdomen. Press only with your arms and hands. Continue until the person can breathe again.


If the victim stops breathing, the ambulance must be called immediately and "rescue breathing" by trained workers must begin immediately. Always know who is trained in your workplace and pick them up as soon as possible. Continue to use "rescue breathing" until medical assistance arrives.

Heart attack

Older workers are more prone to heart disease. If a heart attack occurs, quick treatment is the key to survival.

First aid is related to preparation. Every employee must take a first aid course and learn about AED and CPR. If you are ready, you can think and act quickly in an emergency and maybe even save lives.

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