Evolution of Network Management and Server Support

Network computing is developing with a new wave of cloud computing. A WAN (Wide Area Network) is a new LAN (Local Area Network, which is traditionally an office network). The high availability, flexibility, and pricing of the pay-as-you-go cloud offer excellent reliability and value, especially for small and midsize companies. 

You can look upon this website https://www.dataoutsource.com.au/ for the IT support industry started with a Value-Added Distributor (VAR) selling equipment (servers, routers, desktops, firewalls, switches, etc.) to the business. Then they also offer system integration services for infrastructure management. 

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With the advent of the Internet and advances in technology and tools for remote access, the concept of remote IT management or remote systems management has become more widespread. This is the beginning of what we call "Managed IT Services". 

Managed Services takes a proactive approach to manage IT systems that include continuous network monitoring and iterative preventive maintenance and troubleshooting using remote logon tools and software. 

IT support companies charge a fee from the server or device and usually provide unlimited full support for small business networks. The cloud is sure to change the game for small and medium-sized IT support businesses. 

The transition from VAR to Service to Managed Service and now to Cloud. The fact remains that organizations need to implement and monitor, deploy, and keep their applications updated. IT service providers will continue to play a leading role in all of these points.

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