Determine your roof system

Choosing a new roofing system today can be done as easy as finding the right certified contractor to install it for you. Various questions may arise, eg. It's usually best to do your research, and I'm here to explain the steps and point you in the right direction. Discover more about roof system through

Determine your roof system

We will talk about choosing and choosing the right house, roof metal, undercoat, leakage protection, and asphalt system with their respective components to give your roof great traction and effective protection.

The cladding is attached directly to the beams and covers the ceiling or crawl space. Older spiked houses are usually lined to create a solid foundation on which the lining can be nailed to your roof so the system meets manufacturer warranty requirements.

The purpose of using metal in the installation is to protect the outer edges of your roof from rotting and to keep water flowing out of the valley.

The metal is usually sized 26 and is painted white, brown, or black for different accent options. However, you can also order metal in other colors to match your color preference.

Once the skin and metal are in place, the next step is to attach the pads. The two most common types are known as 15 or 30 felt paper (which denotes 15 or 30 pounds per cover sheet. This material is saturated with bitumen and supplied over a long period, which makes it inexpensive. This type of material can greatly extend the life of your plywood while preventing moisture from entering your home.

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