Deck Building in North Vancouver with Alternative Materials

On a warm summer evening with the aroma of grilled barbecue, it's hard not to appreciate the simple beauty of the lovely outdoor deck. Once deck construction is complete, the biggest challenge is maintaining the deck. There are a variety of building materials that can be used to care for your deck over the years.

Using alternative materials for your deck construction project can make maintenance easier as well as being environmentally responsible. Wood comes from trees, and if you get really lost on the biased series of corporate television programs, you already know that the depletion of our forests is increasing at an alarming rate.

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Fortunately, there are new technologies and alternative building materials that can make deck construction projects a new delight as they offer years of eco-friendly materials as well as deck construction materials with far less support than traditional wood decks.

The combination of regenerated plastic from consumer goods and shopping bags is combined with wood fibers that cannot be wasted. These materials are then formed into planks and fixed in the same way as conventional deck boards.

The building materials on the deck are highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation as well as all kinds of weather problems and exposure associated with damage. The board does not break, break, warp, or rot. The plastic part of the mixture protects the wood from rotting. Therefore, there is no need to apply a sealant or topcoat.

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