All About Oceanic Art And Collection

Encompassing the cultures and arts of the Pacific Islands, 'Collection of Oceanic art includes over 2,800 functions that reflect the history of creative reflection and invention that's emblematic of the area.

The collection includes artwork from both neighboring areas of Australia and Island Southeast Asia, whose native peoples share a frequent ancestry with Pacific Islanders. To know more information regarding the oceanic art museum in New York you can visit .

oceanic art museum

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While the oldest illustrations of Oceanic art the richly hued stone paintings of Aboriginal Australians are thought to be over twenty million years old, the huge majority of extant material civilization dates from the nineteenth century to the current moment. 

Highlights of this Oceania collection contain monumental architecture in the varied cultural collections of New Guinea and a stunning selection of ceremonial palaces in the coastal archipelagoes that encircle it.

These unique artworks inform an abundance of stories regarding sources and ancestral power, functionality and initiation. They comprise a number of the most significant accomplishments of Pacific Islanders from the world of the arts:

Patches carved ancestral characters from ceremonial homes and spectacular ritual regalia like towering lawns drums, skull reliquaries, and glorious turtle shell masks by the coastal areas. 

Voyaging and also the arts of navigation are yet another significant characteristic with decorated paddles, beautifully styled canoe prows in the Solomon Islands, and a navigational chart from the southern atolls of the northern Pacific, evoking the outstanding story of voyaging.

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